Undo and Redo, Old and New

At thirteen, David Siskovic bought his first keyboard behind his parents’ back because he was forbidden to do so and wanted to be a musician and loved Duran Duran. A decade plus later, as a struggling musician in New York, he gets the opportunity to remix one of their songs – a dream come true. Moments later, he works with Roxy Music and another dream fulfilled. Sisko (his popular moniker and how he first introduced himself to me 20 years ago) is a talented musician, who specializes in global pop and electronic music, and has worked with renowned artists such as Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. Read an article in Sonic Scoop about Sisko HERE. Listen to his dance music as Disco Pusher, HERE and learn about his recording studio, Min Max, HERE.

One of his birthdays a few years ago, he gave away to all his friends an album of ambient music called Pacify. The music was a gift
and meant to be listened to while falling asleep or in the background. I loved it. Layered and rich, it is like a long lullaby.
Listen to more of Pacify HERE. The song in the first video is Leaving the Surface from this album.

I add two of my own, short motifs to the first video: Can you hear them?
I use one of these motifs 
in the second, shorter video. Can you guess which one?

The breaking of stone – unpredictable, irreversible and consequential: it remains my basic theme.
I correlate it with the formation of an idea, and
 I am fascinated with analogous events
in our political, social and cultural interactions.
You can read some of my thoughts on stone HERE
and see my earlier work HERE.

This post bridges the old with the new. I broke the stones in the 90’s, which were some of the first breaking I ever recorded; the sitting is a new action as of two and a half years ago.
I still draw from the basic impulse explained in 
The Command List (1999)
and its companion essay,
 Strategy is the Status Quo (2001).
Find them HERE and HERE.

Finally, the use and manipulation of one’s image is not confined to contemporary art. It is a hallmark of our age.
Two of my concerns, in this regard, revolve around the body
as a manifestation of a social order and material systems,
and as a thinking, geometric tool. There are others.


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