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Yes, Yes, Yes! … the winners

The Winners of  CONTEST – language acquisition:

First Place

Cliff Garstang! He is a writer from Virginia, who has a new book coming out on October 1. It’s a novel in stories set in Washington, D.C., called WHAT THE ZHANG BOYS KNOW. Find out more at

The Contest was posted at 9:0o am, and Cliff answered with a laconic – albeit, excited – “Ja!” at 9:12 am. That’s fast and correct. Ja is the German word I used in my first post, it begins …, that means:  Yes. For that, I told him he could choose three drawings that will now be known as Cliff’s Triptych.

Cliff Garstang
Cliff's Triptych, Samuel Nigro, Drawing, Granite Wall

Steve Juras! He is a poet, artist and designer, operating out of Chicago. Check out his blog at:

Steve’s in-depth, sharp analysis of both the question and answer earned him two drawings, and is worth repeating here:

Deeply embedded in “…it begins”:

ja, ja, ja!

Sly. Very sly…

Well done, Steve.

Steve Juras

Steve's Diptych, Samuel Nigro, Drawing, Granite Wall

Honorable Mention

Beth Weinstein! She is a writer in New York City, working on a short story collection entitled Things that Rise and Fall. Since 2007, Beth has managed
PEN American Center’s World Voices Festival—New York City’s only international festival of literature—and has organized PEN’s year-round programming.

For participating, she receives a drawing of her choice. Thanks, Beth.

Beth Weinstein

Samuel Nigro, Drawing, Granite Wall

I want to give a shout-out to Barb Fisco, Christopher Cox, Kate Cantrill and Mary Ann Hopkins: Thanks for engaging! Next time post on the blog and see what happens.

Of Note: All three winners receive my e-newsletter, and thus get inside information, like – for example – the notifications of upcoming contests.
You, too, can join the e-newsletter:

good luck next time.

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Interlude – drawing, cooking, wooden spoon

 Samuel Nigro, drawing, cooking, wooden spoon
As a boy, I watched my mother cook. Cut, chop, mix – wash, strain, simmer. Things boiled and bubbled on the stove; 
and, as she moved about the kitchen, I poked and shuffled the contents with her wooden spoon. 
The oven extended the experience by filling the house with smells. 
I didn’t have to be, do or say anything. 
I felt connected.

As a younger boy, I watched my grandmother draw. We would take turns making marks on a page till “it was done.” 
After a while, the game would devolve into me scribbling – with a grin – trying to defy her ability 
to make something out of my lines. She transformed my marks – like magic – into drawings 
that surprised as forms and patterns emerged. 
I was mesmerized.

Samuel Nigro, drawing, Agency from Spain,


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i stopped because the paper ran out

The video is of me drawing on a pad of 3 x 5” paper, using all 126 pages. The session lasted about 75 minutes.
I sped up the footage to conform to the length of the song, Stargazer, by Sisko.
This is the second video I’ve completed using one of his songs from Pacify.
You can buy the album or individual songs from iTunes.
Get the full story from the previous post,
Undo and Redo, Old and New.

Samuel Nigro, drawing, irrational numbers, phi, pi, e
The first three drawings in this video were derived from three different irrational numbers – phi (1.618…), pi (3.141…) and e (2.718…), respectively.
Can you figure out how?

No worries: I’ll come back to this in a future post. But, in the meantime, feel free to have a guess and post your comments.


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CONTEST – language acquisition

Occasionally, I will be hosting contests on this blog. For the first one, I’m keeping the question simple and the prize will be a small drawing.
Be the first to post the correct answer as a comment and
you win a drawing of your choosing!

If you see a drawing that you would like to own, then contact me and we can discuss prices and delivery.
All my drawings are for sale and
you can find more at
my website.

Scroll to the bottom to find the first contest question. If you win, you’ll get to choose your drawing from the selection below.
They are 3 x 5 inch, graphite on paper,
from the Granite Wall series
that I discussed in an
earlier post.

I’ve wanted to be fluent in a foreign language for many years. In 2004 I spent 4 days in Berlin and loved the city so much that I decided German was going to be the language. I’ve been studying it ever since, and am anxious to go back to Germany and really hone this skill. There will be more posts, more videos and more ideas about language acquisition to come, but first:

Find the German word that I used somewhere in the first 12 posts of this blog, be the first to post the word as a comment and win one of my drawings. This is not a trick question. It is a very simple word. The answer is not merely an English word of Germanic origin, but is affirmatively a word that a German speaker would use … regularly.

Good Luck!


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dear curiosity, i am with you … love, sam.

Curiosity, American Museum of Natural History

Curiosity at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City

Curiosity, American Museum of Natural History

Jam Packed with Scientific Equipment

Samuel Nigro, Curiosity

So Excited I Couldn’t Hold the Camera Still

Posted when entry began, approx. 1:24 am, August 6, 2012. More HERE.

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