This is enough and too much

Descarte Kissing Circles

unit circlePoincare Copernicus Great CirlceEcher Tessilation Kissing Fishs
Islamic Circle

Kepler Squaring Circle

Crop Circles

Jung tibet mayan jasper johns

Islamic Circle Enso Copernicus

men an tol


Giotto … took a sheet of paper, and with a pen dipped in red, fixing his arm firmly against his side to make a compass of it, with a turn of his hand he made a circle so perfect that it was a marvel to see it.

Having done it, he turned smiling to the courtier and said, “Here is the drawing.” But he, thinking he was being laughed at, asked, “Am I to have no other drawing than this?”

“This is enough and too much,” replied Giotto, “send it with the others and see if it will be understood.” The messenger, seeing that he could get nothing else, departed ill pleased, not doubting that he had been made a fool of. However, sending the other drawings to the Pope with the names of those who had made them, he sent also Giotto’s, relating how he had made the circle without moving his arm and without compasses, which when the Pope and many of his courtiers understood, they saw that Giotto must surpass greatly all the other painters of his time.

Lives of the Artists, Giorgio Vasari

an iconic shape

idealization of

the symbolic
free from separation

a dot expanded
a sphere in silhouette,
a thin donut, the thinnest
a sphere in two-dimensions

the n-sphere, the hyper-sphere

watch face

present and past.
Time future

they can kiss
they can nestle and nuzzle
intersect and unify

It is a boundary
a wholeness and totality
shapes like mandala
sometimes a halo
to only name a few

MY NEW FAVORITE CIRCLE IS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – a schematic diagram of all life ever to exist on planet earth!

The center is the common ancestor of all life on our planet.
Branching out represents the evolution of life.
All existent life is on the outer ring,
on equal footing, because
DNA is our link.

tree of life

tree of life

tree of life

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