i stopped because the paper ran out

The video is of me drawing on a pad of 3 x 5” paper, using all 126 pages. The session lasted about 75 minutes.
I sped up the footage to conform to the length of the song, Stargazer, by Sisko.
This is the second video I’ve completed using one of his songs from Pacify.
You can buy the album or individual songs from iTunes.
Get the full story from the previous post,
Undo and Redo, Old and New.

Samuel Nigro, drawing, irrational numbers, phi, pi, e
The first three drawings in this video were derived from three different irrational numbers – phi (1.618…), pi (3.141…) and e (2.718…), respectively.
Can you figure out how?

No worries: I’ll come back to this in a future post. But, in the meantime, feel free to have a guess and post your comments.


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5 responses to “i stopped because the paper ran out

  1. Ugh! I think I finally fixed this idiot WordPress problem of mine and I can post here. Sam: You are booked for Rabbit Tales second Thursday of November. No is not an option. This was stunning–as are all of your postings. We will discuss details soonishly. I truly loved this. You always stick a small stone hugged within a bigger mac-daddy stone in your drawings and it sort of quivers then calms there and I love that. Also, your paws are gorgeous–I’ve said this before, and you know it– so to watch you draw makes your drawings more dynamic. For me it brings your older school performance stuff and newer school stuff together. Anyway, have an easy contest soon so I can win a drawing at one of your contests. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer all the time!

    • Hi Kate! Your comments are always so great on Facebook, so I am glad that you finally got on the blog. Thanks for your kind words… We’ll talk soon… More contests on the way and you’ll get a chance to win a drawing.

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  3. ian b

    oh boy does this give me some ideas and inspiration for so many things. So beautiful Sam. The music is mesmerizingly awesome. There’s something so hopeful about this video. I feel like the Obama campaign should use it to pysch out the romney campaign , or schools should use it to promote art in classrooms. It’s got so much hope, grace and love. I could easily watch this for breakfast with a strong cup of coffee. Thank you !
    More please…
    -Ian B

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