Interlude – drawing, cooking, wooden spoon

 Samuel Nigro, drawing, cooking, wooden spoon
As a boy, I watched my mother cook. Cut, chop, mix – wash, strain, simmer. Things boiled and bubbled on the stove; 
and, as she moved about the kitchen, I poked and shuffled the contents with her wooden spoon. 
The oven extended the experience by filling the house with smells. 
I didn’t have to be, do or say anything. 
I felt connected.

As a younger boy, I watched my grandmother draw. We would take turns making marks on a page till “it was done.” 
After a while, the game would devolve into me scribbling – with a grin – trying to defy her ability 
to make something out of my lines. She transformed my marks – like magic – into drawings 
that surprised as forms and patterns emerged. 
I was mesmerized.

Samuel Nigro, drawing, Agency from Spain,


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7 responses to “Interlude – drawing, cooking, wooden spoon

  1. sue nigro

    Still cooking and you… still drawing!

  2. Tina

    Sam- it’s Tina – the other cook in your life.
    These works are stunning.
    So lovely.
    And I owe you a trip to the fish market.

    • Hey Tina, Glad you decided to comment on my blog. Thanks for the supportive words!
      You know: I bought my wooden spoon under your suggestion
      to shop at JB Prince on E 31st Street… Thx.

  3. ian b

    Sam-you just made me hungry for my grandmother’s tomato sauce on a wooden spoon. brings back a certain time and essence.
    Thanks. Needed it. Drawings are superb. Good late night musings for the restless mind.
    Ian B

  4. sue

    Just read this again….and I love it!!

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