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after a 4-year lull, i love juggling

Over 10 years ago, I made a goal to juggle 5 balls for 10 rounds.

I achieved 2, 3 and 4 ball patterns with a few tricks; and, eventually,
used my juggling in some of my performance work.

Samuel Nigro, Video

Triads, Cycles and Opposites, 2007

Samuel Nigro, Video

Triads, Cycles and Opposites, 2007

I practiced with my original 5 juggling balls until they fell apart and then bought 5 more
because I had not reached that elusive 5 ball aerial magic.

Shortly after this purchase, something happened. I just couldn’t bring myself to juggle.
I struggled with the block, but stayed stymied for the last 4 years, and
only touched my juggling props when I had to dust the shelves.

I’ve visualized juggling over these years – imagined, dreamed – but couldn’t bear doing it … pain … and, besides, I had other stuff to do.
Juggling was more like a hobby.

I picked up those 5 brand new juggling balls today:

what a joy!

more to come …

Juggling Balls, Samuel Nigro

Brand new juggling balls emerging from hiatus


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