a different species of homesickness

Samuel Nigro, India, Varanasi

A Two-Way street in Afternoon Traffic, Varanasi, India

Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

Sidewalk in Varanasi, India

I write this post because I am experiencing a different species of homesickness. I know this because I keep on checking the weather in various cities in North America. New York went from a warm winter day in the 70’s to a long blast of arctic cold hovering around the single digits. I feel for everyone bracing this cold spell, as I still feel like a stranger in a strange land … pursuing a unique dream.

I’ve been in Varanasi for less than a month. Still observing and exploring… I continue to find it hard to know what I’m looking at. Describing my first day in Varanasi, which was really a continuation of my adjustment period that began in Delhi … well … it will have to wait – still too much to process.

Here’s another picture of the streets. I’m becoming quite attached to this herd of water buffalo.
I see them everyday.
More later…

Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

Water Buffalo in the Streets of Varanasi, India


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4 responses to “a different species of homesickness

  1. Sue Nigro

    Extreme Cold has let up today…it is 20 degrees!! Suzanne M

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