5 observations of Gratitude, a Storm and a Pig of Consequence

Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

An enormous amount of rain dropped yesterday (which I talked about here), and flooded our compound. Instead of sloshing through our new pond like Amber (another artist at the residency) is doing, I decided to used those three bricks to slowly walk myself across the water to get to the kitchen, and I stayed as dry as an Indian spiny-tailed lizard basking in the sun of the Thar Desert … or … um … I wish – my hands got wet and muddy from moving the third brick for a new step as I stood on the first two and, besides … it was cold!

Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

I’m not complaining: the storm, yesterday, was amazing and different and lasted most of the day! Off-On; Off-On. Besides, it was fun figuring out a solution to keep my feet dry. Getting to the street and out of the compound was another matter. You had to drive to get out dry.

Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

I was told we would get a few days of rain in the Month of January during the retreating monsoon, and this wasn’t the first time it rained since I’ve been here. However, I was also told that the amount of rain that fell yesterday was out of the ordinary and this retreating monsoon was about 2 weeks late. (I’m going to research the retreating monsoon more, but it is connected to the Jet Stream, which is weakening because of global warming, a condition that contributed to the recent cold spell, or polar vortex, over North America.) My understanding is that during the monsoon season in the summer and fall, the rain doesn’t fall as hard as yesterday, but goes on much longer, like days and weeks longer. I’m told the flooding is worse, because the ground gets saturated and it takes longer for the water to retreat. Flooding doesn’t usually happen in the winter. If I stay for the monsoon, I’m making stills.


Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India Samuel Nigro, Varanasi, India

When I woke up this morning, the water receded and left a lot of fresh mud and gave me much to be grateful for…

  1. I am grateful that I walked toward the front gate early this morning and saw a Sow, whom I’ve seen on the streets dozens of times, scurry out of the compound. This brought WONDER to my life.
  2. I am grateful that I looked at the tracks that the pig made, because it brought CURIOSITY to my life.
  3. I am grateful that I tracked the pig’s entrance into the compound for about 40 yards, because it brought DISCOVERY to my life.
  4. I am grateful that I lost the trail of the pig but was able to see it’s exiting tracks, because it brought a sense of MYSTERY to my life.
  5. I am grateful for bacon, because it has given me SUSTENANCE in the past.

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