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Heutegesternmorgenwelt Resolved (Three Birds of Different Orders)

Samuel Nigro, Berlin, ostrich, owl, kingfisher

the kingfisher flying

a plastic owl portends
a thought

one ostrich slumps

against my back
falls between rocks – sinking into the deep, wide River


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How to break a stone – in five easy steps.

1. Move your mind:


• Is the breaking of stone (or any material or space, for that matter) catastrophic or transformational? How is the view of the break changed when – additionally or solely – labeled “creative,” or “purposeful,” or “random,” or “predictable,” or “warranted,” or “gratuitous,” or “liminal,” or “signified?” (… to list a few common viewpoints) What are the criteria to judge such a label?

• What is the level of tragedy that is depicted in a specific break; or is the depiction a revolution, a rupture, or a salvation – however necessary, temporary or unexpected? How mediated would these outcomes be?

• More generally, What is the characteristic of the conflict that sustains the action, allowing it to be carried out – or is it really about an emergence of cooperation among various forcings?

• How can an initial read of the basic forms and actions that I deal with be reconciled with the deep geologic time and the wide historic import of stone and be brought into an epistemological rather than just a phenomenological discussion – and, really, how can the seriousness of these questions include a comic and humorous framework because of the unique demands of the human psyche?

• How does one move beyond the break – and beyond the tragic, the revolutionary, the ruptured, or the saved; the label, the criteria, the judgment: and to what end? Is there even an end (!?) and, if so, how strategic is it?

2. Move your body:


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2until the right stone presents itself.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with chosen stoneuntil the method becomes clear.

5. Break.

I’m currently on step 3.

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This is enough and too much

Descarte Kissing Circles

unit circlePoincare Copernicus Great CirlceEcher Tessilation Kissing Fishs
Islamic Circle

Kepler Squaring Circle

Crop Circles

Jung tibet mayan jasper johns

Islamic Circle Enso Copernicus

men an tol


Giotto … took a sheet of paper, and with a pen dipped in red, fixing his arm firmly against his side to make a compass of it, with a turn of his hand he made a circle so perfect that it was a marvel to see it.

Having done it, he turned smiling to the courtier and said, “Here is the drawing.” But he, thinking he was being laughed at, asked, “Am I to have no other drawing than this?”

“This is enough and too much,” replied Giotto, “send it with the others and see if it will be understood.” The messenger, seeing that he could get nothing else, departed ill pleased, not doubting that he had been made a fool of. However, sending the other drawings to the Pope with the names of those who had made them, he sent also Giotto’s, relating how he had made the circle without moving his arm and without compasses, which when the Pope and many of his courtiers understood, they saw that Giotto must surpass greatly all the other painters of his time.

Lives of the Artists, Giorgio Vasari

an iconic shape

idealization of

the symbolic
free from separation

a dot expanded
a sphere in silhouette,
a thin donut, the thinnest
a sphere in two-dimensions

the n-sphere, the hyper-sphere

watch face

present and past.
Time future

they can kiss
they can nestle and nuzzle
intersect and unify

It is a boundary
a wholeness and totality
shapes like mandala
sometimes a halo
to only name a few

MY NEW FAVORITE CIRCLE IS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – a schematic diagram of all life ever to exist on planet earth!

The center is the common ancestor of all life on our planet.
Branching out represents the evolution of life.
All existent life is on the outer ring,
on equal footing, because
DNA is our link.

tree of life

tree of life

tree of life

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What’s the deal with this “i heart” thing?

To say i like is not strong enough
To say i love is inappropriate

To heart something is to have an infatuation with it,
to be in awe of it.

i heart implies a desire to know more.




The backwards “e” symbol, ∃, means “existence” in mathematics – “There exists….” Put an exclamation point after, ∃!,  and it means “uniqueness.” Translation: “There exists one and only one …” i.e. there is only one solution. These are important issues when looking for solutions to any problem: does a solution exist? And, are there other possibilities? The lovely point here is that uniqueness presupposes existence! I find it fun to think about uniqueness and all these puzzles, because there is a connection to human agency, which is connected to free will. Are you able to perform your own actions, have your own thoughts? Can you create a gesture that is entirely your own, a unique gesture? Unique means one of a kind and needs no qualification. Something is unique or it is not. Or, you can be playful, like Robert Sapolsky – all species are unique, but the human species is unique-ier.



The Finite deals with things that have a limit, things that can be counted and measured. The Infinite is a mathematical concept for that which never ends or is limitless. Infinity plus infinity equals … infinity … and that is awesome. Informally, infinity can simply mean Vast, Endless, and Unbounded. Did you know that there are different kinds and different sized infinities? That is super-awesome. Like with both uniqueness and unity, people want to co-opt infinity and claim it as their own – or, rather, define it for a purpose. Why with infinity? Not sure, but I think it has something to do with sussing out the infinite factors that conspire to make you you, or your neighbor your neighbor – and prioritizing them.



Unity is the number one (1) in mathematics. There is much discussion given to the unity of mathematics and the unity of physics and the unity of groups and the unity of ideas and the unity of minds and the unity among peoples.  Unity is the state of being one, joined and whole – a grand concept. Who wants to be separated, fractured and lost? Well … i guess … you can make a case for either, depending on the context. Nevertheless, unity is created among us … on small and grand scales – along many lines of reason, with various, changing outcomes.

Unique, Infinite, Unity – I heart these concepts

– precise meanings in math; informal usage abound; claims made constantly.

I have a respect

the complexities of claiming
and the messiness of pinning down


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it begins …


I heart Uniqueness

I heart Infinity

I heart uniqueness  – I heart infinity
and I heart unity
I <3  –  ∃!  ∞ & ◌
uniqueness  •  infinity  •  unity
I <3  –  ∃!  ∞
.        ⃝  ◌
I <3 ∃!   ;   I  <3  ∞
I <3 ∃!   •   I <3 ∞
I <3 ∃!   ∪   I <3 ∞

(note: all same font {times new roman, symbols are cambria, the ‘3’ is in italics} and same size)

I <3 ∎    .       ⃝  

I heart ∃!         I <3 ∃!     I♥∃!
I heart ∞          I <3 ∞      I♥∞









because smiling feels good

I heart uniqueness

I♥∃!   ∞

because smiling feels good

∵ ☺ ⤳ √ [(“check”) … (no: “check plus!”)]

∵ ☺ ⤳ √+

∵smiling feels good!

ja, ja, ja!

I♥∃!    ∞

because smiling feels       ⃝


∵ ☺  feels        ⃝

∵ ☺  ⇒        ⃝

∃! , ∞  ⤳  I <3 ∵ ☺ ⇋       ⃝

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