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Cairns – Shards – Pieces

Going down to Bangalore, the wild ride filled with shenanigans and welcomed surprises ­that accompanied it, allowed me to work and achieve much of why I came to India in the first place. A big thanks to everyone I met and who helped me, who supported me and who followed me on my vision. Thank you …

Thank you …

Thank you …

you know who you are … and I look forward to seeing you again.

Here is a brief look at what I did in Southern India:

Project I – Cairns

I came to India to find quarries that would allow me to work with upwards to 50-ton blocks of granite – done. I made a series of Cairns out of 10-30 ton blocks of various types of granites. In total, I visited 4 quarries and moved about 120 tons of granite. The Cairns below are each about 15 feet high and are just a sampler; and there’s more. I have two additional companies who are willing to work with me, and 10 MORE quarries to visit; I just didn’t have the time this trip. Would love to make 10 more Cairns! These Cairns will go through another process of transformation to relocate them. To make this possible, I am looking for suitable locations and people interested in furthering this field of sculpture.

Samuel Nigro, India, Sculpture

Cairn_I_people India south – Cairn II India south – Cairn IIICairn_IV


Project II – Shards

I took the discards – the unwanted, the dismissed and disowned – and gave another look. I focused on a few shards of stone – castaways, really – and ended up developing seven. The first two shown below can fit in the palm of your hand; the third, better use two hands. These seven deserve additional attention through drawing, video and performance. I now need the time and space to take these seven through new stages of development that will run a gossamer thread through a series of triads, cycles and opposites … and … um … a bunch of other stuff I’m curious about
India south – shard iii a India south – shard iii bSamuel Nigro, India, SculptureSamuel Nigro, India, Sculpture



Project III – Pieces

In addition to finding quarries where I could work with large blocks of granite, I needed to find people who understood the delicacy and finesse and care this material requires; and I found them … and spent much time with one man in particular … He knows …

Granite – light and liquid.

This is only a sneak peak of the sculpture I made at his place. It’s about 26 inches high, consists of 5 pieces, about 300 pounds and representative of a wealth of connection and transition.
Samuel Nigro, India, Sculpture India south – pieces 2 India south – pieces 3Five Pieces

Five Pieces detail

Potential Project IV

As we were finishing up with Project II and III at his place, I decided to describe my Project IV to him to see if it was possible at a later date, to see if he and his studio could handle it; and, of course, he could (he’s making a 20 foot high Shiva sculpture, way out in the countryside – he drove me out there – with seven jumbo cobras, each of which seems like it could swallow my whole head. The block of granite must have been 60 tons when he started 3 years ago). But, he then beckoned me to a hidden section of his field, which houses scores and scores of blocks from the size of a shoebox to the scale of a Range Rover. At this point with my process, I see these sorts of stones, and I know immediately what to do with them. I could still be down there working. This man hardly speaks English, but we worked together long enough to have our own kind of communication. In his Indian-English pidgin, open brachial gestures, and, most importantly, a gaze in his eyes that connected with my own, he made it know to me: “Use whatever you want. It’s all available to you.” Wow. I, now, look for the means to go back there, and soon … more to come.


Have another view of this work here:

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