what is this?

I have broken so much stone – it almost seems like a liquid.
I say this because I see a stone and
I know where it has been and
I know where it’s going.
The timeline is fluid.

I started this blog to find more things to be curious about, and I invite you along.
You’ll see musings and more – all pointing toward
the complexities of claiming
and the messiness of pinning down

The visible universe: we are at the center and the edge is 14 billion light years away.

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4 responses to “what is this?

  1. It is messy trying to pin down infinity … and time consuming, even time wasting! What you’re doing is exploring it, and the journey is the destination … =D

  2. Bert

    Infinity is where we are. It is solid, all the big bangs are floating in it. The big bangs explode, and expand all their material into the vastness
    in between the big bangs. Gravity gradually assembles this material, compresses it to the critical point, then an other big bang occurs to
    start again. A constant pulsing of an infinity of big bangs. That’s home.

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